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2001.05  Zhuzhou Mingri Cemented Carbide was established in the city of Zhuzhou.

2003.04  The factory was renamed Zhuzhou Ming Cemented Carbide Co.,Ltd.”

2006.06  Enter Zhuzhou Tianyuan District small and medium-sized enterprise promotion Garden

2008.03  Success from small and medium-sized enterprises to promote kindergarten graduation, to buy 50 acres of land

2009.03  Our new plant is completed, the official relocation of chestnut rain Industrial Park

2009.12  Our company participated in the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau held; manufacturing information; recognition of the General Assembly won three prize

2010.01  Our title; tomorrow; formal certification award, become a new industrial park Liyu landmark

2010.05  The company was invited to Shanghai, World Expo

2010.12  The company's first invention patent was successfully approved

2010.12  Company;“RiXin”trademark was named“Hunan famous trademark”

2011.05  Company 10th anniversary celebration

2011.06  The company was awarded“Hunan hi tech enterprise”

2011.12  The Party branch of the company was founded

2012.09  Company“RiXin”Trademark successfully registered in Europe

2013.05  The company was named by the municipal Party committee of Zhuzhou“2012 Zhuzhou outstanding contribution to the development of open economy enterprises”

2013.08  Company“RiXin”Brand was rated as“Hunan international famous brand”

2013.12  AdoptISO9001:14001 Environmental system certification

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