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Talent recruitment

Talent recruitment

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1, personal basic quality is good, unity and cooperation spirit is strong, willing to grow with the enterprise.
2, with good physical and mental quality, able to do the job.
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Job title: Sales Manager
Sex requested: Unlimited
Requirements: Bachelor degree
Number of applicants: 5
Term of validity: long term validity
Job requirements: 2 of domestic sales, international sales requirements: 3 people, male or female, have the courage to fight and unremittingly spirit, understand the hard alloy basic professional knowledge is preferred. Monthly salary: base salary 2500 yuan + deduct a percentage from a sum of money (according to company performance assessment plan), annual salary can amount to 6 to 1 million yuan / year.


Job title: technical personnel of cemented carbide production
Sex requested: Unlimited
Requirements: Secondary School
Number of applicants: 10
Term of validity: long term validity
Job requirements: powder metallurgy or related majors, understand the operation process of the production of carbide hard alloy production, engaged in the work for more than two years work experience. The specific positions are: pressing, sintering, wet grinder, grinder, lathe, bench, packers, Kko etc.. Treatment 3000 yuan / month or so. All posts enjoy social security benefits, package work meals. Shuttle bus service.


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