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carbide saw tips

carbide saw tips

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Properties and applications of carbide for Saw tips
Grades of Fine Grain
Grade Density T.R.S Hardness Performance & application recommended
g/cm3 MPa HRA
 YM6X 14.7 1900 92.5
Hard wood, MDF, HDF, aluminum & plastic composites and thin non-ferrous metals.
 YM8A 14.5 2200 91.0
Hard wood, veneer board, PCB, PVC & metals.
 YM8X 14.4 2420 92.0
Carbon steel, refractory steel, manganese steel, and stainless steel.
 YM2T 14.7 2000 91.2
General and hard wood
 YM10X 14.8 2200 91.0
General and hard wood
 YM10T 14.9 1890 91.5
General and hard wood
Grades of medium and coarse grain.
 YM6 14.9 2100 90.0
Hard wood, original wood, aluminum section bar, brass rod and cast iron.
 YM8 14.7 2400 89.5
Dry wood, soft wood, aluminum and brass, graphite and grass.
 YM8C 14.7 2450 88.5
Soft and dry wood, general wood with loose knot, nan-made marble, ceramics and grass.
 YM9C 14.4 2600 87.0
For debarking and cutting of frozen wood, soft wood and original wood.
 YM11C 14.1 2200 90.5
Hard wood, non-ferrous metal, granite and marble.
 YM15C 14 2700 86.5
For debarking and cutting of frozen wood, soft wood and original wood.
Other types of saw tips may be offered according to customers' requirement.
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