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Cutting Frozen Wood YM15C TCT Tungsten Carbide Tips For Saw Blade

Cutting Frozen Wood YM15C TCT Tungsten Carbide Tips For Saw Blade

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Competitive Advantage of TCT Carbide Cutting Saw Tips 
More than 18 years manufacture experience in tungsten carbide
Implement strict quality testing and control procedure to make superior quality. (ISO9001)
Fexible payment terms(L/C, T/T,  etc.)
Reply your inquiry within 8 hours
We are professional factory, so our price is lower than others
Professional sales person 
Perfect Oral English communication service

 Description of TCT Carbide Cutting Saw Tips

1. HIP sintering ensures good density and strength
2. Removing products surface stress and enhancing hardness by special process
3. various surface finishing ,to satisfy different welding ways for best welding and cutting performance

2.Grade and application
Tungsten carbide saw tips often be used in woodcutting, stone,MDF and mowing and Cutting for aluminium which is placed in the front blade of saw. 
We produce a wide Range of standard and special tungsten carbide sintered saw teeth and grooverTips profiles, for both wood and metal cutting applications. 
We can meet the Different requirements of all clients.

Application of TCT carbide cutting saw tips

1,  brazed on saw blade to cut all knids of wood

2, TCT carbide cutting saw tips can cut hard wood,original wood,aluminum section bar,brass ect

3, TCT carbide cutting saw tips can cut soft and dry wood,frozen wood,man-made marble,ceramics and granite

4, also can cut cork and building templates,copper,aluminum and other non-ferrous metal, it is with highly optimized for general use

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